Preparing for Memorial Day Murph

  2018-05-03 10:00AM

As we get closer to Memorial Day, we approach one of the most well-known hero workouts in the CrossFit world, “Murph.” Murph is a grueling mental and physical battle consisting of a one mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, and a final mile run. This brutal WOD is named after Navy SEAL Officer Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan and received the Medal of Honor for his heroics in Operation Red Wings. The workout was Officer Murphy’s favorite; he was known to complete it wearing heavy body armor while deployed. Now to honor his life, most CrossFit boxes around the U.S. host a Murph every Memorial Day. Here are some tips to prepare to attack Murph this year:

1.    Up your volume. If doing this workout Rx is your goal, you’re going to need to work towards it by upping your volume. The amount of reps in this workout require adequate practice and strength, so in the weeks and months leading up to Murph, work on your push-ups and pull-ups! If you plan to do it with a weight vest, make sure your movements are proficient enough without any additional weight. Once you feel confident in your bodyweight skills, then slowly start adding weight in preparation!

2. Mentally prepare. Murph is a long and gruesome workout that requires you to chip through it step by step and rep by rep, but the battle is definitely won between the ears. Prepare to hurt and to push through the pain. That last mile is when you need to stop listening to the voice in your head and bring it home.

3. Create a game plan. Go into the workout with a strategy. Maybe you are going to do 5 rounds of 20 pull-ups, 30 push ups, and 40 air squats. Some people prefer 20 rounds of “Cindy”: 5 pull-ups, 10 push ups, and 15 air squats. Even if you are going to go at it “un-partitioned” (not breaking up the reps), make sure you know where you’re going to rest and break.

4. Just show up and keep moving. Regardless of your game plan, show up fueled and rested. Be sure to break appropriately but keep yourself moving so you can finish in a timely manner. Talk positively to yourself and remember why we participate in this hero workout. Have fun and crush it!


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