Preparing for Regionals

  2018-05-15 10:00AM

If you competed in the recent CrossFit Open, you are probably aware of just how competitive the current landscape of athletes is. The Open is the first step towards finding the fittest humans on the planet. After the Open, the top men, women and teams move on to prove their fitness at the Regional level over the course of an intense three-day competition. At Regionals, these top athletes will fight for one of the coveted spots at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin! Each athlete prepares differently, but here is just a quick look at some of the ways they have been getting ready for Regionals:

1. More volume. Regionals requires athletes to compete on three consecutive days with multiple events each day. To meet the intensity needed at a competition like this, many of the athletes will kick their training volume into high gear. Many of the athletes will train multiple sessions a day to mimic the schedule seen at Regionals, where they are expected to perform at their highest level with short periods of rest throughout the day.

2. Heavier loads. Involved in this increase in volume is also an increase in training load. The Open typically calls for light to moderate weight, with some exceptions (i.e. 18.2a). Regionals requires the athletes to show their proficiency with heavier barbells under fatigue. Their training will have begun to attack this if it had not already.

3. Higher skills. While now most athletes train high skill movements all year long, Regionals is historically where we first see these challenges appear--more strict HSPU, strict muscle ups, pistols, rope climbs, handstand walks, and so forth!

4. Enhanced Recovery. Recovery is always important but even more so when the training volume is pushed to such a degree. Regional-level athletes take their recovery very seriously for good reason. Many will receive body work, massages, adjustments, and tune-ups weekly to keep all their inevitable aches and pains at bay.

5. Odd object work. Now more than ever you’ll see many athletes start increasing their odd object work. Sleds, sandbags, D-Balls, yokes, pegboards, ropes, and heavy dumbbells and kettlebells have all been seen at the Regional level. These objects will be mixed into the athletes’ conditioning, skill, and accessory pieces as they get closer to the competition!

If you are not one of the few at the top, you should definitely consider checking out your region’s competition. It is so amazing to see what the top athletes can do so effortlessly! While their training is not for everyone, it is so inspiring to see them chasing their dreams and actively participating in our own communities.


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