Proper Positioning in the Overhead Press...Faults and Fixes

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
The motion of bringing a barbell from shoulder height up over your head isnt necessarily as intuitive as we may expect it to be. Both new and experienced CrossFitters may find themselves questioning their form and technique. Taking the time to review positioning, common faults, and fixes may help you feel less intimidated, more confident during your lifts, and ready to hit that next PR! Strict Press/Shoulder Press Positioning Bar sits on front shoulders. Grip is narrow-- just outside of shoulders. Elbows are below and in front of bar. Feet are shoulder width apart. Knees and hips are locked. Head is tilted back slightly to allow bar to pass. Press bar directly overhead with arms locked out. Push Press Positioning Setup is same as Strict Press. Take a slight dip by bending knees. Quickly fully extend hips and legs. Press bar overhead until arms are fully extended. Dip and Drive Push Jerk Positioning Setup is same as Strict and Push Press. Dip and drive is same as push press. After first dip, you dip a second time while catching bar in partial squat while arms stay fully extended overhead. Your finish will be same as shoulder/push press with arms fully extended overhead. Common Faults and Fixes Arched Back. Fix: Pull Shoulders back, and tuck hips under to create a neutral spine. Passive Shoulder. Fix: Pull bar back. Bar is too far out in front of face. Fix: Pull head back to create a double chin and be sure elbows are close to ears. Muted Hip: Meaning that your hips are not engaged. Fix: Push them back. Power is in the hips! Forward Chest. Fix: Take a more shallow dip and pull your shoulders down and back to ensure a tall chest.


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