Pushing Through High Intensity Movements

  2018-05-17 10:00AM

What do thrusters, wall balls, and burpees have in common? Well for one, they are all movements that make any workout that much more challenging. They not only test your physical capacity, but they vastly challenge your mental toughness and ability to push through fatigue. Each of these movements can be performed at high intensity and rep schemes without much rest...as long as you are willing to suffer. Additionally, these three are all full-body dynamic movements that require you to recruit a variety of muscle groups while quickly elevating your heart rate. So, how do you crush a workout that throws any of these three movements (or, if you’re lucky, any combination of the three) at you? Here are some simple tips!

Breathe. With full-body movements such as the thruster, wall ball, and burpee, it is imperative to settle into a effective and manageable breathing pattern. This will be different for each athlete, but typically a focus on the exhalation during each repetition will help keep breathing under control as you move.

Strategize. It is important to pick a number of repetitions to stick with during these types of workouts. In a workout like “Karen” (150 Wall balls For Time), for example, it is helpful to go in with a strategy and push through to hit your reps each set. This can be quick sets of 10 with 5 seconds of rest between each set or 3 large chunks of 50 reps. Whatever your strategy, make sure it is both challenging but attainable to maximize your workout. Don’t let pain deter you from your strategy!

Move Well. While strength and muscular endurance can definitely be a limiting factor for some, it is often an athlete’s form that causes them to use unnecessary energy. By moving inefficiently, you are basically leaking significant energy and taxing your muscles in a preventable way. By moving with virtuosity, you can conserve the energy needed to get through your workout with less rest and more efficiency.

Remember, you can always do another wall ball, one more burpee, or one last thruster, as long as it’s at a manageable weight. Breathe, stick to your strategy, move well, and embrace the pain!


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