Rework Your Warm-Up

  2017-08-16 10:00AM

So you show up to the gym thirty minutes before your class starts and begin to think about what to do to warm-up. Most people grab a foam roller, lay on it, and move around often without any true purpose. Others jump on the bike and casually pedal for a few minutes before they get bored and decide to have a seat and do some random stretches. Rather than any of these options, what about catering your warm-up to your specific needs? An effective warm-up will prepare you for the task at hand. Here are some specific things to think about as you get ready for your class workout.  

Body Temperature. It is important to increase your core and muscle temperature before an intense WOD. Think about performing full body exercises (rowing, running, skiing, burpees, biking, etc.) at moderate effort for about 5-10 minutes. This is a great time to work on technique (on the erg, ski erg, or running), focus on your pacing, and think about your breathing patterns!  

Mobility and Flexibility. Unless there is severe tightness or an extreme issue with mobility, stretching and foam rolling might not be the best use of your time. Instead, think about moving those specific muscles or joints through a full range of motion movement pattern with a light load to warm-up.  

Movement Specific Prep. Does your WOD include thrusters and handstand push-ups? Well then you better cater your warm-up to opening up your hips, shoulders, and wrists so you can properly execute when you hear "3..2..1..GO!" While your coaches will provide warm-ups and movement specific guidance in the beginning of class, it never hurts to get some additional warming-up in beforehand. Think of this time as your preventative measure towards injury. Your body will thank you!


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