Scaling Reps to Improve Your Skills

  2018-04-25 10:00AM

So maybe you’ve recently achieved your first double under, toes to bar, pull up, or muscle up. Whatever it is, new skills are exciting and challenging at the same time. Some days you can perform the movement, other days can feel like you’ve taken a step back as you struggle. If you don’t practice these newly acquired skills, you may find that you’re able to perform them less frequently when you do attempt to. Instead of shying away from these skills when you see them programmed in WODs, challenge yourself to perform them under fatigue and pressure. Maybe you don’t perform the 100 double unders per round that is technically “Rx,” but scale the reps to 25. Instead of 10 ring muscle ups, challenge yourself to complete 5! Here are a few reasons to scale reps before you modify the skill in a WOD:

1. Practice Makes Perfect. Once you have achieved a skill, it’s necessary to practice the movement to develop both efficiency and consistency. Get out of your comfort zone and practice these new skills regardless of if you are doubting yourself!

2.    Confidence. Even if you don’t necessarily feel confident in your ability to perform a skill, forcing yourself to do it in a WOD may be all it takes. After completing a workout with a movement you typically shy away from, you should walk away feeling proud and confident!

3.    Test Your Limits. You might not know what you’re capable of unless you test your limits. Challenge yourself to go for bigger sets of consecutive reps, even if you’re not sure you will succeed. Testing your true capacity will show you where you’re at and how far you have to go!

4.    Get Better Under Fatigue. Fatigue can make or break your ability with a skill. Right now you may only be able to do one rep at a time under fatigue, but the more you chip away, the better you will become.

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