Should I Be Supplementing With BCAA’s?

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Now heres an acronym that has nothing to do with an actual WOD. Today were talking nutrition. And BCAAs (aka branch-chain amino acids) are a hot topic for discussion. Without getting too scientific on you, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are some amino acids that our body produces naturally, but others - which ironically are the essential ones - we do not. So, BCAAs can help you out there. They're not a take-it-any-time type of thing though. To reap the benefits (and there are many!) you've gotta time it properly. Shoot for a dose shortly after the WOD, or you can even start mid workout. BCAAs come in powdered form, and there are a ton of different flavor options for you to take your pick from (a coach can recommend a few good brands). But it's super easy because you just mix with water and you're good to go. We love BCAAs for a lot of reasons. These are just a few. #1 - They help with recovery. Whether its just plain old fatigue or muscle damage, BCAAs will decrease your down time. #2 - They can help with increasing endurance. There's a pretty cool study all about it, but we promised not to get too science-y on you. #3 - Those supplementing with BCAAs have reported more muscle growth. They can even help increase your mental focus. And thats huge mid-WOD or even better, when you are competing at any level. #4 - They can boost your performance at the box. This one is a chart topper. Your body will respond better to WODs and help you be more efficient. #5 - They can increase the amount of fat you burn. Pretty awesome, right? Its because they help your body figure out how to use fat for fuel.


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