Strength Cycles and Hypertrophy

  2017-09-07 09:00AM

We have all either been a “drop-in” or have shared our box with a “drop-in” at some point in our CrossFit experience. With CrossFit’s welcoming sense of community, we shouldn’t need to even discuss etiquette, right? Usually, no. Sometimes, definitely. Either way, this is the perfect read to help ensure that your future “drop-in” experience is a positive one! First let’s define what a “drop-in” is. It is a person who visits and partakes in a CrossFit class while visiting from another CrossFit location. Here are some suggested guidelines that may make your “drop-in” experience that much more pleasureable. If you are the Drop-In... Have experience. Please don’t go to an unknown box without first having the proper basic CrossFit training. This may be frowned upon unless you have called ahead and made special arrangement to be coached separately. Give the Affiliate a heads up. Most boxes welcome drop-in’s, however you may want to make sure that what you see online is still valid. Maybe class times have changed or open gym is no longer available. It’s also a good time to let them know if you have any injuries or special needs that they may need to accommodate. It’s easy to give a quick call or text ahead of time and make your initial meeting more comfortable. Arrive early. You know you will have to sign a waiver so do your best to arrive at least 10 minutes early so you can handle the paperwork and learn your surroundings before class starts! This will also give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to the other members and to avoid those awkward stares when you think everyone is sizing you up...or vice versa. Welcome criticism. If the Coach coaches you, take it as you would from your own Coach. I have gotten some excellent tips from coaches at other boxes--every Coach has their own unique perspective and strengths, and you never know what you will learn. Clean up. But first, wait for the others to be done with the WOD. There is nothing more annoying than someone cleaning up their equipment right in front of others who are busting their butts to finish! Make sure you put your stuff where it belongs and wipe off anything you’ve left behind. Buy a shirt! It’s sort of an unwritten rule within the CrossFit community--plus, who doesn’t want a fresh, new tee. Clarify if there is a cost to drop in. Some charge, most don’t (especially if you buy that tee!) Don’t just assume. As a Host to Drop-Ins… Welcome your visitors. This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but I can tell you first hand that this does not always happen. Make it a point to say hello, introduce yourself and show them around. Introduce them. Go above and beyond and take a quick minute to introduce your visitor to the other members at the start of the class, if your Coach hasn’t already had the opportunity. It will help your drop-in feel more at ease as well as let your members know who the new face is. These suggestions are common sense, but sometimes even the most polite of us can forget our manners. My box tends to have a lot of drop-ins because we are in a vacation town, so I have had plenty of opportunity to get in the welcoming habit. Likewise, I love to try out new CrossFit gyms when traveling, so I find myself frequently on the other (usually welcoming) end. Either way, it is always fun to share a WOD with new faces. CrossFit is a community of people all striving to be their best, so just remember the Golden Rule: ”Treat others as you wish to be treated.” And then all will be good in the world--or at least in the Box!


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