Strength Cycles and Hypertrophy

  2017-09-07 10:00AM

Hypertrophy is the form of training which focuses on joint specific movements such as bench press, bicep curls, or glute bridge ups. Rather than the usual aim of strength and function in CrossFit, hypertrophy aims to add size and shape to the muscle. It typically is done in the range between 60 to 80% of 1RM for 8-12 reps per set. To make a hypertrophy strength cycle most effective, each muscle group should be trained twice a week. While this may seem silly to many CrossFitters used to their standard Olympic and power lifts, there are actually a number of benefits to incorporating some hypertrophy into your regime.

  1. Maximal Strength

Typically, there are two types of adaptations that result in strength improvements: functional and structural. Functional is your skill or control and structural is the overall muscle size. Once a muscle is developed, you are able to create new functional adaptations, and therefore, gain even more strength!

  1. Strength Endurance

In CrossFit, we are often asked to move sub-maximal loads efficiently for longer durations. Hypertrophy helps lay a solid foundation necessary for strength endurance.

  1. Movement

By lowering the intensity of lifts, we allow more energy to focus on movement patterns and the identification of any flaws. Movement flaws generally represent a relative lack of strength in a particular muscle or muscle group. More specific hypertrophy training can help to improve in individual muscle group, improving mechanics, ultimately pushing their strength potential and reducing risk of injury. For example, focusing on single leg Bulgarian spit squats can help us build our single leg strength, which will translate to our traditional squat.

  1. Healthy Variation

Regularly changing exercises and training focus can help delay the onset of plateau and promote new grow. Hypertrophy training is also much less taxing on your ligaments and joints than heavy strength training, which makes up a good portion of your average CrossFitter's training schedule. Ultimately, this helps us attain our goal to stay healthy and gain strength over time.


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