Take Care of Those Crossfit Hands!

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
If you do Crossfit, you are destined to have some version of Crossfit hands. This means rough, calloused and hopefully only on rare occasion, bloody palms. If you have been lucky enough not to have a major ripped-palms situation, then this is perfect timing. Use these tips to keep your hands tear-free and most importantly, usable for your next WOD: Moisturize daily. Its that simple. Dry, cracked skin is more prone to tearing than hydrated skin. Keep a bottle of moisturizer next to your bed or on your sink and use it before you go to sleep. File your skin. Keep a pumice stone/foot file in your shower. At the end of your shower, file your hands when your skin is at its softest. This will help remove the top layer of dead skin and help prevent a tear. Just dont go crazy. Change your grip. If you are grabbing the bar with your palm, try placing the bar at the base of your fingers where there is less skin to gather. If you dont already, try wrapping your thumb around the pull up bar for a better grip and less slip. Wear hand protection. There are so many options available to protect your hands. Wraps or athletic tape are the most common. This is a personal preference as each provides a little bit something different. Chalk up. This doesnt mean cover your hand with a white glove. Aim to get just enough chalk on your hands to prevent slipping. Too much chalk will dry your hands out and will eventually defeat the purpose. Taking care of your hands seems like a no brainer but outside of the occasional manicure for the ladies, most of us probably could use a little hand TLC. Leaving a torn callous untreated can lead to infection which turns into longer recovery and decreased performance. Who wants that? Take a few extra minutes each day, and your hands will thank you!


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