The Benefits of Making Your Own Nut Milk

  2018-01-19 11:40AM

We Paleo followers have been onto nut milks for awhile, and now it’s totally mainstream--as you probably know. The varieties and flavors are endless, and even though there are so many store bought nut milks out there to choose from, it’s worthwhile to consider making your own. Here’s why:

It’s Healthier

Nut milks in the supermarket have additives in them to prolong their shelf life (read: so the food manufacturer doesn’t lose money.) So yes, you’re getting the nutrients nuts provide but you’re also getting a dose of preservatives that don’t belong in your body. Homemade nut milk is raw, so you’re getting 100% of the good stuff and none of the bad with every sip.

It’s Tastier

Admittedly, this one is subjective, but most tasters agree that homemade nut milk has a much richer flavor. It’s like you can taste the pure goodness.

It’s More Versatile

In the supermarket, you’ve got sweetened, unsweetened, and chemical-filled, flavored varieties of nut milks. But with homemade you’ve got the flexibility to season it however you want - and in a healthy way. (Think cinnamon!) The trick is to mix it in when you’re blending your milk rather than use it as an add-in after the fact.

It’s Fresh

If you’re making it, of course it’s fresh. The point is that our bodies crave fresh nutrients. Things that are shelf stable for months can’t compare.

Nut milks are also incredibly easy to make--see for yourself. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1:

Pick up a bag of raw nuts (almonds and cashews work especially well, but any tree nut will do.  As in most things, organic is preferred.)

Step 2:

Place the nuts in a big bowl and cover them with cold water. Place a cover on the bowl and let the nuts soak overnight in the fridge. For a creamier milk, let the nuts soak for two days.

Step 3:

With a slotted spoon, remove your nuts from the bowl and place them into a blender (the more powerful, the better. A vitamix gets the job done really well.)

Step 4:

Blend your soaked nuts with water. A ratio of 2-to-1, water-to-nuts is a good place to start. For thinner milk, increase the water.

Tip: Since this is fresh (versus pasteurized) milk, it won’t last as long as a half gallon container. So be sure to make only what you’ll consume within the next few days to avoid waste.


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