The Foundation of the Functional Movements: The Air Squat

  2018-04-13 10:00AM

Ninety-nine percent of all CrossFitters learn the same movement on day one regardless of time or place - the air squat. As beginners, we typically take the movement seriously as our coaches preach its importance to the rest of the things we’ll learn in CrossFit, but as time goes on many of us lose respect for this fundamental movement. The air squat’s significance does not dwindle as you become a more advanced and seasoned CrossFitter; if anything, its nuances should become more consistent and understood.

The squat is the most functional and fundamental movement in the world; it is in our DNA. It is imperative to our health and longevity. A fine-tuned air squat will keep your joints and tissues in the hips, knees, ankles, and back strong for the rest of your life. By taking the time to focus on the finer points of our air squat, we are increasing the likelihood of advancements in not only the gym, but also our everyday lives.

Want to squat more weight? Want to PR all your lifts? Re-visit your basic squat mechanics and you might find you have some things that can be fixed. By making a few minor tweaks to your technique you can add some quick weight to your back squat, front squat, clean, snatch, and thruster! Additionally, taking the time to focus on these basics can safeguard you from injury as you take on more load with time.

Coaches Challenge: Try to accumulate 30 minutes in the bottom of your squat for 30 days. This will challenge your positioning, mobility, and mental fortitude all while improving your comfort in the bottom of a squat. Happy squatting!


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