The Hollow Body

  2018-04-11 10:00AM

The hollow body position refers to the straightening of the spine. It is commonly utilized in many gymnastics movements to align and stack the vertebrate on top of the other for efficiency of movement. Since the vertebrae are stacked one on top of the other, less muscular effort is required to keep the movement stable. To become very proficient at gymnastics in CrossFit, you must first master the hollow body position. Here are a number of ways to build up your hollow body:

1. Tuck Hold.  Lie down on your back with your hands by your sides, bend your legs so that your knees are tucked into your chest, point your toes and squeeze your butt, then squeeze your abs to raise your shoulders off the ground.

2. One Leg Tuck Hold. Start with the tuck hold option explained above and then extend one leg out and point your toes down. Be sure to keep your low back in contact with the ground the entire time. If your low back begins to deviate from the ground, go back to the tuck hold to develop strength and stamina.

3. Arms Down Hollow. Start with the one leg tuck hold and then extend the other leg out while keeping your toes pointed. Again, if your low back begins to deviate from the ground, go back to the one leg tuck hold to develop strength and stamina.

4. Full Hollow. Once you’ve mastered the above options, it’s time to move up to the full hollow body position. Be sure to remember the key points: point your toes and stretch your fingertips to lengthening your body, squeeze your butt, and squeeze your abs. Shoulders should remain off the ground and low back should remain in contact with the ground!

5. Dynamic Hollow Positions. The hollow rock and the kip swing are two dynamic movements that put the hollow body into action. Only progress to either of these to movements once you can hold the full hollow body for an extended period of time!


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