The Open is Coming

  2018-01-10 10:00AM

Ah, our favorite but most dreaded time of the year is almost here…Open season. The CrossFit Open is a five week series of workouts announced each weekend. Alongside all the excitement the Open brings to each community across the world, there is always a bit of underlining fear and anticipation. Dave Castro, the programmer of the workouts, finds new and painful ways to push our limits year after year. Rather than freaking out that you’re not ready for what is to come, use this list of tips to mentally and physically prepare for the five week long challenge:

1. Fuel properly. If you want to perform at your maximal capacity, you need to ensure that you are properly fueling your body. If you’ve been trying to cut weight, you are most likely not taking in enough calories for optimal performance. Be sure to eat the right foods in the right quantity as we get closer to the Open to give each workout your best effort.

2.    Focus on you. It’s very easy to get caught up in comparing your performance to those around you. It’s important to focus on yourself, your effort, and your progress! Regardless of the outcome, be proud of what you put forward each week.

3.    Remember your why. Why are you participating in the Open? Why do you do CrossFit? These are important questions to think through. When you get wrapped up in frustration or nerves, remember the answers to these questions and keep going!

4.    Rest aches and pains. Leading up to the Open, make sure to take care of what ever aches and pains have been nagging you. If you keep pushing through minor injuries, you could find yourself on the sidelines a few weeks in or even after the Open!

5.    Enjoy the moments. The Open is an amazing time of the year in each and every CrossFit community that participates. Try to take a minute each week to stop, enjoy the moment, and celebrate with your peers. Celebrate the hard work, dedication, perseverance, and drive of each and every member by your side!


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