The Whiteboard

  2018-03-14 10:00AM

Any CrossFitter knows the Whiteboard (or, perhaps, the Smartboard for those at super tech-savvy gyms), where the daily workout is posted and scores are noted. Most coaches make sure each individual logs their score, time, or weight for the day, even if there is hesitation on the athletes’ part. Even a virtual Whiteboard (on your gym’s app of choice) serves the purpose.  There are a number of reasons why the Whiteboard is so essential to the CrossFit environment:

  1.    Group Unity. The Whiteboard serves as the place where the coach is able to bring everyone together, gather attention, and ensure understanding of the class’ program.
  2.    Motivation. By logging scores throughout the day, people have something tangible to look at and base their goals for the workout on. An athlete taking the 5PM class can look at the board and see what the top dog in the morning class did. This in turn can motivate them to push harder when they are in the last round of their metcon and looking for that extra push!
  3.    Accountability. If you know your coach is going to ask you to log your score once you finish your AMRAP, you will probably try to count your reps. If you’re not being held accountable, you’re more likely to go through the motions with no specific attention to detail, especially when you’re fatigued. You’re also more likely to push yourself when you know your score will be listed on the board for everyone to see!
  4.    Celebrate Successes. You hit a Personal Record on your squat snatch? Awesome, record your weight and proudly note “PR” next to that number! Were you able to finally do a workout without banding your pull-ups? Great, make sure to log your time and include “RX” next to the score! The Whiteboard allows you to celebrate your successes with the rest of your community.
  5.    Feedback for Programming. By looking at the Whiteboard at the end of each day, coaches can gain insight into the strength and weaknesses of the members at the gym. The programming can then be catered to help each and every member get better and improve the different areas of their fitness.

Without the ever-present Whiteboard, we wouldn’t have a universal place to gather before and after class. While the board can be used to provide some motivation for your workouts, remember that your time in the gym is about you. Stay in your lane, hold yourself accountable, and celebrate your successes along the way!


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