Three Steps to Quick Recovery After Your WOD

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
There's no better feeling than completing a challenging WOD that leaves you exhausted. You broke a good sweat, challenged all of your muscle groups, and feel the good vibes coursing through your body. However, your work isn't done when the weights are put away. Now that your workout is over, it's time to recover. If you have another workout on the horizon in a day or two, you need to recover fast so you can effectively tackle that next routine. What you need now are three steps to a quick recovery. Push Barriers, Don't Destroy Them A quick recovery starts in the gym the day of your workout. Everyone has heard the phrase "no pain, no gain." However, there is a delicate balancing act you need to maintain when you exercise. You need to push your muscles to challenge them and spur growth, but you shouldn't push them too far beyond their limits. Know the limits of your muscles and push them to the brink, but don't nudge them over the cliff. If you go too far, you'll be sore for days and there is little you can do to recover quickly from that soreness. Stretch If you want your muscles to recover faster, devote 20 minutes after your workout to a cool down routine. Make sure that your routine includes time to stretch out your muscles. Stretching supports the flexibility and pliability of your muscles. They'll recover faster, and when you hit the gym again they'll be ready to answer the call with a full range of motion. Post-Workout Foods Science supports the notion of downing a recovery drink within the first 30 minutes after you finish to replenish glycogen stores and rehydrate. Look for a recovery drink in a 2:1 or 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, with electrolytes to help restore depleted minerals. Then plan to follow up within the next hour or two with a protein rich meal, or at least a protein supplement, to prevent muscle breakdown. Follow these steps, and you'll find yourself recovering faster between WODs. You'll go through shorter periods of soreness and you'll have more energy to tackle the next one.


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