Tips for Crossfit Newbies

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit!! You see it on TV. You hear about it through social media. Every fitness magazine features CrossFit-inspired workouts on its pages. And now you want to try it. Starting any new exercise program can be intimidating. For some beginners, CrossFit is downright nerve wracking. We are here to tell you to not be afraid. Be excited! CrossFit may seem to just be coming to the forefront as one of the most popular fitness programs available, but it has actually been around since the 70s thanks to guru Greg Glassman. After gaining major popularity, the first official box opened 1995 in California. Now there are more than 8,000 gyms around the world where CrossFit is executed. CrossFit is commonly known as the sport of fitness. It is a combination of constantly-varied, high-intensity, functional movements. It is a program that is designed for people of all shapes, sizes and skill. If you are new to CrossFit, there are a few things you should know as you begin your new venture. These suggestions are based on both our personal experience as new Crossfitters once ourselves, and as your coaches now. Leave your pride outside. No matter your fitness level or your exercise experience, CrossFit is a whole new game that you need to learn. You may learn you arent as fit as you thought, but you may also learn that you are much stronger than you thought. CrossFit is about competing with yourself--not with the other members. (Okay, at least in theory--but more on that later.) Be coachable. Even if youve done deadlifts and back squats in college or at the globo-gym, please listen to your coaches and the technique tips they are offering. Having a new member who appears to know everything can be quite challenging for a coach. Listen. Pay attention to your coach as he/she is explaining the workout. Understanding the concept of what you are about to do can sometimes be just as hard as doing it. Dont be afraid to ask questions. If you dont understand something, ask. If you cant do the suggested movement or the prescribed weight, ask how you can modify it. CrossFit is meant to be for everyone--which means everything can be modified! Be honest. Even though you are competing against yourself, others are watching. You will not make friends if you are fudging your reps, your time or your weights. No one is winning any medals so there's no reason to fib. Commit. CrossFit is designed to give you GPP, General Physical Preparedness. This means it prepares you for other aspects of your life--like lifting that bag of dog food, or your kids. Without consistency, you will not gain that GPP. CrossFit can be a game changer. It is challenging, rewarding and somewhat addicting--all at the same time. If you feel nervous to give it a try, bring a friend to help ease your nerves. Give us a call beforehand and well tell you everything you need to know. Remember, its just a workout and you're here to do YOUR best!


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