Touchdowns and Home Runs: How CrossFit Can Help

  2017-08-08 10:00AM

Maybe you're a star high school athlete looking to boost your stats just a little bit more so college coaches will notice you. Perhaps you've already made your college team, but you're a benchwarmer, and you're desperate to see some playing time. Or maybe you're a 40-something dad who's just trying to impress the other guys in the community slo-pitch softball league. No matter where you fall on the athletic spectrum, if your goal is power and explosiveness, CrossFit can help you. Here's how. The science behind making gains is pretty simple: for your muscles to get stronger, you need to apply overload—meaning, you need to subject your muscles to a load that's bigger than what they're typically accustomed to. This makes your muscles adapt to the new weight. Since CrossFit focuses on weight training, it lines up perfectly with this idea. Eventually, with lots of tough workouts but also lots of rest in-between, you'll start to see results. What types of CrossFit workouts will make your muscles as powerful as they can be? Don't think just weight training: plyo movements will add a healthy balance. In many sports, movements that require explosiveness begin in the lower body, so make a special effort to work all of the complex muscles in your legs. Workouts that incorporate kettlebells and medicine balls are ideal. Other moves that will up your power are cleans, pistol squats, and box jumps--to name a few. The reason CrossFit is an ideal way to gain the power and explosiveness you need is because of its focus on functionality. If you use CrossFit as your conditioning you're  going to be able to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than the other athletes on the field. Say goodbye to the bench and hello to the stats you've always wanted.


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