Tricks for Adjusting to a Paleo Lifestyle

  2018-01-19 10:13AM

“Change is easy.” - said no one ever.

It doesn’t matter what the change is. In the case of adjusting to a paleo lifestyle, we get that it can be challenging in the beginning. Stick to it though, because we promise-- it gets better. You’ll feel stronger, more alert, and you’re more likely to see gains in class because your body is metabolizing clean foods instead of processed ones.

But we’re realists. We understand that may not be enough to keep you going at first, especially in the moment when you’re struggling to not give in and go back to old habits. That’s why we’re sharing these tricks to make the adjustment easier.

If you’re feeling a little queasy…

It’s no fun and it doesn’t happen to everyone, but feeling a little queasy in the beginning is totally normal. That’s a result of your blood sugar levels dropping because you’ve suddenly cut processed sugar. It’s going to take your body several days to adjust, but it will. In the meantime, try eating a banana when you begin feeling a little off. Bananas are considered a high-sugar fruit. Because of that, it is recommended that paleo followers not indulge in them, but they’re not off limits either. And they’re definitely a great solution for this type of situation.

If you’re feeling hungry…

Processed carbs (which you’re now no longer eating) take a long time to digest because our bodies aren’t meant to be doing so. When you’re eating lots of veggies, fruits, and lean proteins, your body burns through it faster because it digests easier. The trick here is to slow down the metabolizing process without compromising what you’re actually eating. The best way to do that is to incorporate multiple food groups in every meal. Choose a starchy paleo-friendly carb like sweet potatoes or squash, a protein, a veggie, and a healthy fat (watch your portion size on the last one especially!)

If temptation is getting the best of you…

Toss the chips, cookies, ice cream, and the like in the trash. If you’re thinking that’s unfair to your partner or kids, the reality is that you’re helping them indirectly. But if keeping your kitchen exclusively paleo isn’t feasible, tell your partner that everything non-paleo needs to consist of things you don’t like to eat anyway. (Insert evil grin here.)


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