Trip Planned? Keep crossFIT on the Go

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
There comes a time, business or pleasure, when we have to travel. It may be to a different town, state or country. It may be for a day, a week or a month. The first thing most avid CrossFitters think of is how, when and where am I going to get a WOD in? The answer is this...dont stress, it can be done. Whether you drop-in at an affiliate, find a corner in a globo gym or hotel fitness center, or even a spot in your hotel room, the great news is that there are options. So pack your sneakers, some earbuds, a few lightweight layers to work out in, and use these suggestions. Drop-In If you lack self-motivation and need structure, finding a CrossFit affiliate is your best bet. Do an online search for one in the town you are in. These days, there may be multiple ones to choose from. Check each one out to see which is your best fit, give them a call and go do what you do! Globo-Gym You are pretty much guaranteed to find a gym of some sort wherever your travels take you. Give them a call, find out their hours and go for it. They are sure to have all of the equipment you need to put together your own WOD. It may not be the best place to go for a one rep max but its a great place to do some bench work or back squats. Maybe even take advantage of one of their classes such as yoga, boxing or spin. Each one offers positive benefits and is a great supplement to your norm. Hotel Fitness Center Lets be honest, most hotels dont offer the best workout scene but when youre on the go and have limited time, you have to make the best of it. I have personally created some pretty good WODs in spaces like this. Most will typically offer dumbbells so think man-makers for a full body movement. You may even find a kettlebell to throw in a snatch or a swing. Add those to some goblet squats, push ups, sit ups and there you go--simple yet effective. Hotel Room For some this may be your worst case scenario but lets think about it-- what equipment do you need to do the basics like air squats, sit ups or push ups? None! Get creative and use a chair for step-ups or one-legged squats. Do a tabata to work on your core. It can be done. Take it Outside If the weather is tolerable, take it outdoors and enjoy your unfamiliar surroundings. Warm up with a run and do a few sets of lunges and burpees with a quick sprint in between. Hold a plank while you check out the scenic view. Did you pack your jumprope? Bring it along. Traveling and working out dont have to be mutually exclusive. If you find yourself jonesing for a workout, know that you have options. There are so many mobile apps and online sites that offer suggested traveling WODS in case you need help coming up with a plan. You may be tired of air squats and push ups but hey, as long as you break a sweat and get your heart rate up, consider your WOD complete!


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