What to Expect at CrossFit Level-1 Trainer Course

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
I began my CrossFit experience nearly 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with it. That summer, I was a drop-in at a box in Maine for a few weeks. I experienced different types of trainers and the different styles that they each brought to the table. I specifically remember a new coach and having a pretty in depth conversation with her about how and why she became a CrossFit Trainer. While her background was nothing like mine, and she was much younger than me, I thought to myself: I really want to be a CrossFit Trainer when I grow up! Fast forward one year and I did. This is my experience in short. The Level-1 Course is a full two days, beginning at 9am and ending at 5:30, with a couple of short breaks and an hour for lunch. Take note that during your lunch hour, the trainers work out. I would suggest packing a bag with water, snacks, lunch and a change of clothes. Day 1 You will be greeted by about 6 extremely friendly CrossFit trainers decked out in Reebok attire, and then walk into a room full of pretty fit people of all ages. The room is set up like a classroom so pick a seat and settle in. The layout of the day is extremely well orchestrated in all aspects and presented in a way that makes it easy to follow and stay engaged. It begins with a deep definition of what CrossFit is. As they switch topics, they also switch trainers so its nice to gain knowledge from different personalities. They will then go into 6 of the 9 Foundational Movements that include: squat, and front squat to overhead squat, shoulder press, and push press to push jerk. The class is split up into smaller groups of about 10 people so you can then go over the movements in a more detailed way, with instruction from one of the trainers. You will be asked to do the movements individually--so be prepared if you have stage fright. You will also be asked to coach one of your group members, so make sure you pay attention to the cues they teach you on how to correct if needed. The trainers do a great job explaining each movement, what can go wrong and how you can help fix it. You will then go over What is Fitness in a very detailed lecture. You really want to pay attention to this as there is a plethora of valuable information. To end your day, they present you with the lovely WOD, FRAN! Thats right, you will break out into gender specific heats and bust out Fran as best you can in a room full of mostly experienced CrossFitters. Best part here...not all students are as experienced as you think so dont sweat it if you cant RX it! The day ends with the opportunity to hang out and pick the trainers brains and then go home and process all you just learned knowing there is an exam at the end of the next day. Day 2 You will be greeted by the same extremely friendly CrossFit trainers but this time they will surprisingly know your name. Once you get settled back into your same seat, lectures begin. Youll finish up the last 3 of the 9 Foundational Movements: Deadlift, and Sumo Deadlift High Pull to Medicine Ball Clean. Youll then go in depth about Nutrition and Wellness for not just a CrossFitter but an athlete of any capacity. Youll spend a lot of time learning about the GHD, Glute Ham Developer, which is definitely an underrated piece of equipment. Youll again break out into smaller groups and do a partner WOD that consists of push ups, med ball cleans and sit ups. The catch here is that while youre working, your partner is acting as your Trainer. While it may feel uncomfortable correcting a stranger in front of a group, it truly is a great learning experience. You then go over Programming and the formalities that go into producing effective WODs. At the end of the day, youll split into two large groups. One will work on pull up/muscle up progressions while the other is working on a snatch progression with PVC. After that final group breakout, it is time to calm down, focus your thoughts and prepare for the test. You are given about 45 minutes to an hour. TAKE YOUR TIME! Re-read every question because you may find that there are multiple correct answers but only ONE CrossFit answer. Once you have completed and turned in your test, you may gather your belongings, say your goodbyes and begin stressing--I mean, waiting-- for the next 7-10 days, until you obtain your results via email. Once you have obtained your passed email, do the happy dance. If you didnt pass, thats ok too. Pick your head up, go over all of your notes, and re-test. Remember that just because you took a 2 day course and passed a difficult test, it doesnt mean you know it all. It does mean that you have begun to build your knowledge for what one would hope to be a future in positive and effective CrossFit Coaching. My favorite word from the entire 2 days was this: Virtuosity. It means to do the common, uncommonly well. Food for thought as you embark on your new journey as a CrossFit Level-1 Trainer!


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