What to Expect at the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Congratulations! If youve made it to this course, that means you passed your Level-1 Trainers Course. The CrossFit Kids (CFK) Trainer Course is similar yet different in two major ways. One, its about how to work with children and Two, there is NO test at the end of Day 2. It follows the same type of daily schedule as an L-1 course. It starts at 9:00 and ends at 5:00, with two short breaks and a lunch hour in between. I would recommend packing your own water, snacks, lunch and even a change of clothes. Similar to your L-1 course, youll be happily greeted by about 4 CrossFit trainers, and be sent into a room full of chairs facing a huge whiteboard. Pick a seat, settle in and get to know your neighbors. As the class starts you will be introduced to your trainers for the day. Every single one of them is super energetic, knowledgeable and friendly. Both days are laid out similarly and very well orchestrated. Throughout the day, the Trainers take turns which provides a great way to learn from different personalities and deliveries. Over the weekend there will be lectures, movement demonstrations and of course, games! Ive broken them down to give you an overview of what to expect. Lectures The non-movement lectures will include all of the elements of CrossFit Kids: Definition of Fitness, Who its For, Why its Important and our purpose at a future CFK Trainer. You will also go over the Science behind CFK which goes pretty deep into the whys and rationale behind the reason children need to be active and have consistent movement in their lives. Programming for CFK is a fun topic. While the structure is to keep it simple, the substance can really be endless. Youll go over how to think like a kid, whats important for their ages, energy level and attention span as well as whats age appropriate for weight load (if any at all.) There is also time spent on a more serious topic, Child Abuse and Predators. This is to help us know what signs to look for, actions to be aware of, and the appropriate way, if needed, to handle this serious situation. Nutrition is also a very big topic. Most kids dont shop for their own food; however, they can make suggestions to their parents. This teaches us how to teach them not only to learn how to make better food choices but why its important that they do. Movements Over the two days you will learn to accurately teach a child how to perform a: squat, front squat, push press, thruster, push jerk, pull ups, push ups, kettlebell deadlift, bar deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull and a medicine ball hang power clean. If that seems like a lot, it is-- but it is laid out in a fun and interactive way. After a thorough lecture on each movement that includes successful teaching methods and cues, there will be a live demo and then group breakouts. There are about 8 people per group. One person will act as the Trainer while the others act as the kids. It may feel a little awkward at first but its a great way to teach and learn. You will break into groups for squats, presses and deadlifts. Games This very well may be one of the most important things youll learn..that kids must have fun while learning! It is highly suggested that each kids class ends with a game. Over the two days you will break up into groups and play Dodgeball, Baseball, and Musical Medicine Ball...all CrossFit Kids Style. These are basic games that have been given a little twist. The penalties in dodgeball may be burpees or air squats. There are no bats, balls or gloves in baseball but you may have to somersault off of home plate, and lunge to first base to do push ups before running to second base to do jumping jacks. The best thing about these games is that you can cater them to your specific group of kids. The ultimate goal is to get them moving and laughing--and wanting to come back. After this two day course, I was over-the-top motivated, inspired and excited to get my CrossFit Kids Classes up and going! There are so many valuable things to be learned as an adult, a parent and CFK Coach that isnt just necessarily about CrossFit, but rather about kids and how to provide a fun, healthy and active lifestyle. One of the trainers said Do Less Better which is something that is relatable in so many aspects of one's life. I really took to that phrase and have learned that keeping things simple, and not overloading ourselves or our kids can help us all Do Less Better! Good luck with your CrossFit Kids journey and remember to keep it fun!


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