What You’ll Lose(and Win!) Through CrossFit

  2018-05-07 10:00AM

We live in a society that places a ton of pressure on us all to look a certain way, act a certain way, and be a certain way. CrossFit is a place that allows you to forget about all these societal expectations and work to simply become the best version of your own, unique self. At this point we are all clear on the things CrossFit can bring into your life: strength, endurance, self-confidence, balance, friendships, life-long health, and so forth. But here are some things you may be happy to lose along your CrossFit journey:

1. The scale. For so many trying to get their health in check, the scale becomes the ultimate dictator on failure or success. By doing CrossFit, you can have fun with the process of improving your skills, strength, and endurance in the box while also making progress towards aesthetic goals. Most CrossFitters would rather see a 5 pound PR on their snatch rather than a 5 pound loss on the scale.

2. Insecurity. While a little insecurity is human nature, it should never run your life. CrossFit can instill confidence, poise, and calmness to those who struggle with self-esteem.

3. Medications. Too many people in our world are surviving off a number of different medications for a multitude of health issues. CrossFit provides a path for those individuals to regain their health and bring their body back to function.

4. Dependency. Dependency comes in a number of different forms: alcohol, drug, unhealthy relationships. CrossFit gives dependent individuals something positive to latch on to as they try to wean off whatever is holding them back.

5. Negativity. There is no room for any negativity inside the CrossFit gym. Complaining, bad-mouthing, and negative body language are all frowned upon at the box! You’ll quickly realize this as your peers and coaches are consistently encouraging you (and everyone else around) to be the best version of yourself.


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