What your CrossFit Coaches Wish You Knew

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
Some people love them. Some people hate them. I am referring, of course, to your CrossFit coach. A good one, of course, will make you feel a little of both. Being a CrossFit Coach is fun, rewarding and and challenging. It can also be, at times, frustrating. As Coaches, we strive to push you, challenge you and help you overcome any obstacles that may be preventing you from being the best you that you can be. We work hard to make sure you come back. We work hard to make sure we are passing down the correct information. We help you to get out of your own way, at times, to accomplish things that you never expected. Here are a few things that your CrossFit Coaches wish you knew: Work first, talk second. Friendships are healthy but so is getting your work done. Try to focus on your workout before talking about your personal life. It can be distracting for everyone. Trust us. We are your Coach for a reason. It is our job to push you as much as it is to correct you. We want to see you succeed but you wont if you aren't coachable. Let us do our job! Get off the bands. Obviously if you need them, you need them, but if youve progressed to the least resistance, LET IT GO! It is a tool to assist you, it is not your security blanket. You will thank us and yourself! We are not judging! It is not our job to judge you in a negative way, but rather to watch and critique you so we can guide you on how to correct and or perfect your form. It is called constructive criticism and its part of our job to better you, not to be mean! Keep a journal. I am often asked by my athletes, Do you remember what weight I did on my last? It is impossible to keep track of everyone. Keeping a journal is so helpful when its time to do a percentage of your max weight for your strength training. It is hard to make gains when you arent sure where you started. Its also a great way to keep track of the Benchmark WODs which will show your improvements! Respect others. There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone clean up their equipment when I am coaching someone else to finish their WOD. If you are in a rush, tell your Coach and he/she will take care of it. If you are doing Open Gym, please give members in the class first choice of equipment and space. Have Fun! While we are all there to work hard, try not to get so caught up in what everyone else is doing to the point where it isnt fun for you. Use your fellow athletes as inspiration and motivation, not discouragement! Love us or hate us, we are your Coaches. We may not have an answer or a cure for your specific question or need right away, but you can bet we will work on finding one as long as you are patient. We love to see our athletes excel! We love to see the progression from week to week and month to month! Remember we are there for you and on your side and all will be awesome!


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