Why Finding A CrossFit Partner May (Or May Not) Be Worth Your While

  2017-08-15 07:40AM
You come here to get challenged, right? Nothing makes us happier than knocking knuckles with someone who just hit a new PR, and sometimes having a CrossFit partner can help you hit your next goal faster. Or perhaps youll (unintentionally) progress slower. Everyone is different, so were keeping it real by sharing the pros and cons of having a buddy so you can determine what will work best for you. Pro: Youve got your own personal cheerleader You know that moment when a fellow athlete who has finished his/her WOD comes over to motivate you to finish yours? Its a pretty awesome way to push through. But when thats just not feasible, you have your buddy to root you on. Permanently. Con: You may become too social You know were all about camaraderie, but not to the point where youve missed half the strength training portion of class. And that can be an (unintentional) side effect of a workout buddy. It can take a lot of discipline to keep from chatting through class. Pro: Youve got an accountability partner When your motivation is lacking and you want to skip class, your buddy can be the one to prevent that. S/he is counting on you to provide extra support, and is eager to return the favor. And besides, you know when youve got a bogus excuse for not coming in. Do you really want to share what that is with someone else? Con: Youre progressing at different speeds The only person youre competing against may be yourself, but valuable time can be lost during weight lifting especially if youre constantly re-loading plates on a barbell because you are stronger than your buddy, or vice versa. More often than not, snagging a workout buddy is a good thing. Just make sure to think about the big picture before teaming up with someone.


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