Why Rest Periods Are So Important—Inside and Outside of Your WODs

  2017-10-13 10:00AM
We’re not just trying to be nice when there are rest periods in your workouts. And we aren’t picking random amounts of time either. There’s actually a whole science behind it, but they’re structured into your WOD in a particular way to ensure your performance is as strong as possible for the day. When you do see a rest period slated in, the best thing you can do for yourself is follow it. It doesn't matter how strong or confident you may feel if you skip it. Just don't. It's really for your own good. Here's a little peek at the strategy behind it. When you're finding your 1 rep max… An overall rule of thumb to follow with weightlifting is the heavier the weight, the longer the rest in between sets. It takes about 3 minutes for your body to fully recover and regain full energy, so you'll want to break accordingly to measure strength accurately. When you're trying to add muscle… The more muscle you've got, the heavier you'll be able to lift. Doesn't sound like rocket science. Shorter rest periods of roughly 60-90 seconds will allow for an almost complete recovery. Almost is the keyword here -- expect 85% or so. When you’re training extra hard…. Well yeah. Of course you're training hard. So that's why an extended rest period is needed. We’re talking rest days. One per week is a must, though two days is fine too (just keep in mind these are general guidelines; always listen to your body.) We are breaking down muscle in class so we can build it back up. Your body needs time to recover from all of your efforts.


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