Why You Should Compete

  2017-09-21 09:00AM
We've all been there.   We are planning on heading into the gym, but suddenly the thought of a tough workout is less than exciting.  There is nothing worse than feeling defeated before you even enter the box.  We all have our “on” and “off” days.  It's a part of the human (and CrossFit) experience. The key is to recognize why you are dreading your workout, and make a few simple changes that may help to turn it around. Think of the basics first: Hydration. Maybe your schedule has changed and your water intake is off.  Drinking adequate water and maintaining hydration can do wondrous things for not just our bodies, but our outlook. So grab a glass of H2O while you finish reading this. Sleep.  Out late or up early the past few days?  Even a small amount of sleep deprivation will translate into fatigue, poor concentration and a depressed mood.  If you know you're feeling down or weak, try to take a power nap now or at least plan to get in an extra hour of two of some good zzz's tonight!   Fuel.   Certain foods can affect mood--good and bad.  Cheetoh binge?  Or maybe you've been too busy to cook and find yourself grabbing sub-par foods on the go.  Take the time to have a healthy protein-packed meal or snack right now,  and you'll feel an instant boost. Once these are covered, you'll probably find yourself feeling much more motivated to head in for a WOD. If you're still not quite feeling it, try one of these: Make a Goal.  Give yourself a goal for the day.  It can be workout related or for a reward after your workout.  Maybe it's to use a different weight or to sprint instead of run. Just try something a little different to challenge yourself! Or, instead.. Give Yourself a Pass.  Tell yourself that you'll focus on making it through the WOD, rather than expecting a PR or the best time on the board.   If you are very competitive, this can be a challenge. Round up Your Buddies.  Having a friend to WOD with helps with accountability and makes any workout more fun and productive.  Good conversation and laughter will release those endorphins just as much as the deadlifts in the WOD will. Focus.  Once you're in the box, consciously stay focused on the workout. Instead of focusing on the outcome, just concentrate on one movement and one rep at a time. It has been scientifically proven that exercising can increase your mood.  If you're dreading heading in for a WOD, cover the basics and just focus on making it there with a minimum of  expectations. Once you get there and walk through the doors, the rest is easy!  


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