Why You Should Sign Up for the Open

  2018-02-05 02:30AM

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide five-week, five-workout competition that begins in February and serves as the first stage of the Crossfit Games season. Workouts are announced on Thursdays and athletes have until the following Monday to do the workout and submit their scores.

Almost everyone who belongs to a box, as well as many who do not, will take part in the challenge. This competition is truly for everyone — all levels, all ages, all abilities — not just elite athletes looking to compete at The CrossFit Games. Even if you've only been doing CrossFit for a couple of weeks, you can still compete in the scaled division! Here just a few of the reasons you should consider signing up for the Open:

1. Have some fun. The Open is the ultimate CrossFit party, and everyone at the box will be there! All the people you sweat alongside day in and day out during classes will be competing with you. It's like the highest energy CrossFit class you’ve ever been a part of. It'll make you fall deeper in love with CrossFit and further motivate you to continue your fitness journey.

2. See where you stack up. You can see how your scores compare with CrossFitters all over the world. You can compare yourself to those at your box, in your region, in your age category, or sometimes even in your profession!

3. Challenge yourself. We all have some level of inner competitive spirit. The Open provides the perfect platform to get out there, challenge yourself, and maybe achieve a new skill or two. Do you have any exercises that you still struggle with? Double unders, muscle ups, or pull ups? The Open can help provide that extra push to achieve these and other skills!

4. Get closer with your community. The Open creates an electric atmosphere inside each box that takes part. It’s an opportunity to experience the same hardships, triumphs, and sense of achievement with each of your peers you train with all year long.

5. Set goals. Competing in the Open makes you more aware of your strengths and weaknesses in the box. One of the best parts of Crossfit is its constant ability to help you uncover personal weaknesses that need to be improved. Use your Open experience to identify the areas you need to improve as you work towards the next year.


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