Women in CrossFit

  2018-06-08 10:00AM

For many women, CrossFit has changed the way they view and think about their bodies. Rather than seeing their bodies as projects that need to be fixed and beautified, many female CrossFitters look at their bodies as incredible machines that need to be fueled properly and treated with care for top performance. Rather than living and dying by the number on the scale, women at the box often care more about the weight on their barbell.

Women in CrossFit are challenging the long-standing definitions of strength and femininity, which ultimately opens up new possibilities for women in general. By highlighting incredibly strong and powerful female athletes that compete and beat countless men day in and day out, they are pushing the boundaries that once existed. The preconceived conception that women are frail and gentle has been dismantled as we see the things women in CrossFit have been able to achieve. Take Brooke Wells for example. She can deadlift 425 pounds, run 400 meters in roughly one minute, and snatch 215 pounds. If you were to tell people twenty years ago there would be numerous young women who could do all of these things, they would laugh in your face.  Female CrossFitters continue to push people’s opinions and change the perception of “female beauty.”


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