Wondering About Intermittent Fasting?

  2017-07-07 09:00AM
We like to call it ‘taking a break from food’ because that sounds a lot less intimidating than the term ‘fasting.’ If you’re reading this, we’ll assume you’ve either thought about intermittent fasting in the past, or are wondering about it. The concept behind it is to burn fat that’s already been stored (instead of the meal you just ate) while teaching your body how to use the food you do consume more efficiently. And there are a few different ways to go about it, some harder than others, so it totally depends on how regimented you want to be. If you do choose to fast, it is best to do so on a rest day because you’ll need the nutrients from food to maximize your performance on training day. An Easier Fast Think of this as a high intensity interval training WOD, but with food instead of exercise. One some days you’ll eat as you would ordinarily, and then follow it with a day eating roughly 20% of what you ate on a regular day. For the average woman, a 20% day could look like this: Breakfast - 1 cup of berries with a spoonful of rolled oats sprinkled on top Lunch - 1 slice of multigrain bread topped two tablespoons of hummus and 3 tomato slices Dinner - 1 cup of non-starchy veggies sautéd in 1 teaspoon of coconut oil Snack - Sliced celery or cucumber Intermediate Fasts Get ready to pay close attention to the clock. You’ll fast for roughly two-thirds of the day, but can drink water and unsweetened tea. Enjoy your meals in the remaining hours as you see fit, making sure to eat clean and closely watch your portion sizes. Advanced Fasts Once your body has gotten used to shorter fasts, consider giving this one a shot. The cool thing about this type of fast is that you get to pay less attention to what you eat (no, that’s not an excuse for grabbing fast food) and like the option above, more attention to the clock instead. You’ll fast for 24 hours, but you can drink all the water and green tea you want. Follow it up with 24 hours of a healthy, but unrestricted diet. Try beginning after dinner, so you sleep through a solid chunk of that 24 hours, and fast on a workday, when your mind is likely more occupied.


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